Funniest Trading Clip of All-Time

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by mike4242, Sep 10, 2007.

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  2. Tim was nice enough to respond to my post about my account blow up. he did it wothout promoting anything or trying to sell me anything. it was nice of him.
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    I hate to disappoint you, but since his business ads is in his signature, ANYTIME Tim posts, he is promoting his business.

    That is one trick of the site sponsors, respond to as many posts as they can making their ads highly visible...

    I am glad I could help, and if I remember I also responded in your thread. No ads whatsoever....
  4. Yeah dude, I'm really not a senseless spammer--I'm just investing a lot of money into my book so I want to make sure people know about it.
  5. Oh, and I chatted with NY Hood by way of Private Message--there are no ads there and I welcome anybody to PM me.
  6. Is that the guy that was on CNBC during that retarded 1M portfolio challenge on Friday's who just said "I love the chart"
  7. Remember quants, friends don't let friends drink and derive.
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    kinda oversold with your title there. you're either on the timmay payroll or very easily entertained. i liked timmay much better in the one where he joins the crips..

    anyone else get the feeling that the timster would blow his own dad on one of these webcasts if he thought it might sell a book or 2. kinda the britney media whore of trading: she was once hot and many dreamed of getting in her cooch- now that we've gotten a glimpse though, the thought alone elicits a gag reflex...
  9. Still waiting for the funny part of the clip. Does it ever come? Is there a part II that is funny, or is drinking to make a chart look better just supposed to be hilarious?
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