Funeral for Riskarb

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  1. *shrug* ... seems fitting.

    - Last words memorial from those who knew him -

    "I didn't know Riskarb but I saw his nam... ID around.

    "I suspect he was a member of ET.

    "Actually, I'm certain he was.

    "I always thought his ID was dumb.

    "But, that's just me.

    "Rest in peace, Riskarb, whoever you were."


    It's just a fluctuation,

  2. I didn't know riskarb very well, but I do recollect some time ago when he bravely and unselfishly placed himself in harms way when “waggie” and “maverick” got into a lovers spat..
    As I remember the situation, riskarb went and waited, thats right waited, for maverick on a street corner in Chicago, and Maverick never showed up.

    Unfortunately, that thread has been deleted.
    Those were the days...

    The scary thing is, I think I'm seeing ghost now, there's a guy on another thread who writes just like our recently departed riskarb. Gives me the shivers.
  3. highfreq


    That was a spat with Rubberbird, but Mav and I have had our moments. We're all buds now.

  4. ROR!
  5. hcour

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    Whoa. What's the old bit about attending your own funeral?

    ET is getting seriously weird...

  6. Maverick74


    Dude, you got the wrong guy. That was James Stock/Manolo/Rubberbird. Next time, try to remember the facts. I know it's hard for you.
  7. I have and always will, like riskarb and plan on meeting him for a drink next time I'm in chicago. :)
  8. HOODOO !


    surfer :D :D
  9. Choad


    Well, okay...

    But don't let his wife find out! :p

    <img src= "" img>
  10. highfreq


    That pic was from a trip to Keystone and Breck, CO. She had a shiner from Hapkido-sparring[martial arts]. Everyone in the restaurant was giving me the evil-eye, assuming I was a wife-beater. Finally, she stood up from the table and told everyone the story.

    Anytime Lauren -- sorry I missed you last time. I am in Lake Tahoe, but get out to Chi 3-4x per year.

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