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  1. Does anyone know anything about this operation?

    In summary - it seems to be a platform which is linked to your trading account and tracks your performance through various metrics. Free of charge.

    you're good, the idea is that you'll be offered capital to trade, but not after 15/30 trading days like those pay-to-demo-trade get-funded programs. I didn't see it on the webpage, but I think I heard that anything less than a year wouldn't even be considered.

    I haven't really looked into it in depth and I'm trying to understand what the catch is. They don't support my current brokerage, but if they did, I think I'd sign up in a heartbeat just for kicks and additional trading metrics. I may even consider to change to Advantage Futures, although I'd rather stay with the brokerage I currently have.

    If I can find some free time over the weekend, I'll sign up anyway and snoop around a bit.

    So - anyone who's currently using it?

    Note: It's possible with manual upload of data for those with brokers that are not supported in the list below, but that seems a bit too much of a hazzle for my taste. I also think you miss out on some features compared to the direct link solution.

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    Yeah, I'm not giving them my login credentials.
  3. You don't have to.

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  4. I use FS. There are several good threads including a very detailed review I did a few years ago, if you search for them.

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  5. Thanks. I'll read through that thread in depth later today.

    This is what you wrote in 2016.

    Do you feel any different now or have anything new to add since then?

    Are you still using it just for performance tracking or have you since considered managing money? Have you had offers from Fundseeder?

  6. Nothing to add, there is a bit of extra functionality. I can't comment on whether the onboarding process has improved, maybe someone who has joined more recently can chip in.

    No I'm not looking for OPM, and I was obviously gutted not to appear in Jack's latest book but then I guess I'm not that good!!

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    Apart from FundSeeder, which platform are you still using for seeking capital?

    (FundSeeder is in trouble now. It cannot directly get track record from IB)
  8. They fixed the IB issue a couple of days ago, which I believe was due to an API change at the IB end, but I agree it was annoying for a while.

    I'm not seeking capital, on any platform. Please don't send me any money.

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