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  1. I'm a trader. If you go to the leaderboard, that's me at the top :) [for today at least!]

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    Great thread and info on Fundseeder. Thank you for sharing your insight @globalarbtrader.
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    First thanks for the info you've provided on this thread, it's very useful. I know that you don't want to manage OPM, however I am curious if you've been approached by anything at or through Fundseeder to do so? One of their big premises is that they've got this nebulous bunch of funders who are going to "discover" genius traders and fund them. If someone with your record over this amount of time (and who was a successful professional trader, so kind of an undercover test even though you didn't mean it that way) isn't at least contacted by a funder, I'd say that entire premise of Fundseeder isn't exactly true?
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  4. Yes they have approached me. But I said no.

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    That means you are a regulated trader, right?
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  7. Nope, not any more (I used to be in my old job). That was one of the reasons I said no to OPM. I have no interest in the hassle of being regulated.

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    Anyone else skipped the first post ?
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    I thought it was a great post. The ability to take the time and focus on one thing for more than five minutes is a lost trait these days.

    Thanks for starting this, GAT!
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