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  1. Hey all,

    I was contacted to apply for the FundSeeder Accelerator a few months ago by the FundSeeder team, a program that connects aspiring money managers with resources to help them develop. The application process involved essay style questions inquiring about my methodology, background etc.

    Just wondering if anybody else here was contacted (obviously would have to be a FundSeeder user) and if so have you heard back from FundSeeder? I have not heard back and its been a couple months.

    For what its worth I have found FundSeeder to be a great resource to track my performance and I love what the company is trying to do. I greatly appreciate that I am able to build a "verified" track record of my trading (now over a year)! Whether I am picked for this program or not, this is a great thing.

    If anybody else was contacted / is interested in this / or just has general opinions about FundSeeder I would love to hear about it.
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  2. dro514


    I was. I filled out the app and never heard back. I'm ranked 8th or so in the discretionary equities leaderboard and have not been contacted by them for anything other than that conference. I'd be curious to hear if anyone is actually managing money through the site. I'd also be interested in connecting with any highly ranked and profitable traders.

    Overall I like seeing the data but I'm more curious to know about what the managing money experience is like.
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  3. tommcginnis


    How do you mean?
    If you mean managing OPM versus one's own account, I find I am *much* more careful, prudent, "professional", fiduciarily-responsible, *all* of that stuff.... with OPM than with my own. (And I was never incautious with my own, but....) Trading OPM makes you want to have all the i's dotted, all the t's crossed, all the method obvious & worked out..... You feel (or, you *should* feel) like you're driving someone's newborn through rush hour traffic: You're doing 55 and have the flashers going.
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  4. dro514


    I mean through fundseeder. It's not clear to me whether they have actually connected anyone with buy side clients. Or if they're just mining data to sell they're own etf/index fund.
  5. truetype


    That's regrettable. AFAIK it's a legit outfit. Try their head of social : Tyler Smith tsmith at fundseeder dot com.

  6. Interesting you had a similar experience. They are a new company, so I'm thinking they might just be getting their sh*t together. Im still on the leaderboards, I would love to connect as well.
  7. bln


    Anyone or know anyone who got funded by these guys?

    It was initially the Australian RAPACapIntro web site started by Michael Berman and Vladimir Krouglov. They sold it to some US guys and went on to start up PsyQuation, which is basically doing the same as RAPACap did, but now with a Austrailan focus and working with MT4 and CFD's.
  8. dro514


    no, but would love to connect with anyone ranked highly on the site. PM me if so.
  9. Curious if any of you guys using it have any updates. Thanks!
  10. Still on the leaderboard and still havent heard from them.
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