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    I need some info. to assist with a debate over at:

    Are there any Funds that predominantly use Technical Analysis to manage money?

    How do they rate against Funds that do not use the TA approach?

    Feel free to post direct to "Trade2Win" if you wish

    Thanks in advance folks.:)
  2. There may not be much point in the investigation since the results would say little or nothing about the approach but rather the talent/competence of whoever was implementing the approach, unless of course the system was entirely automatic and required no human intervention whatsoever.
  3. Yes is the simple answer. When you invest in a fund you usually invest in a program within that fund, that program will be clearly defined as to how it is traded at a top level - you should look at the fund websites to see who does what and how. You only need to read the press to see that some funds have had (are having) a tough time, why? trend followers.
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    Thanks folks:)