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    Regardless of what you think of ET, there are some good traders here. As most of you know, two are managing funds whose performance is publicly published. Harris managing Praetorian fund and Aaron who runs Schindler fund.

    I must say, I am personally very pleased to see Aaron comeback from what must have been a very painful drawdown earlier this year. After being down almost 40% the first four months of the year, he has had two good back to back months with 26% and 15% gain.

    For those of us like myself, managing small amount of friends and family money, it comforting to know if you stick with your plan, it will pay off.

    Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec YTD
    2003 -5.545 -12.624 -16.291 -11.418 25.976 15.216 -11.175

    Harris is a steady juggernaut up 82% this year.

    Dare I say mkt surfer is another success story in the making.

    Good job !
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    where is harris's fund posted ?
  3. I am glad that Aaron has made back so much of his loss in just 2 months. I don't know what is in that "black box" of his, but it sure is potent.

    Good luck to all other ET traders, and enjoy your july 4th. Our ancestors had to fight hard against British Taxes so that we could pay American ones. Think of that when you light off those fireworks tomorrow.
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    I know P2 and Schindler's results are posted at but the site may be password protected. They're doing well.

    For me I have high hopes for Aaron, Surf Man, and P2. These guys are all juggling burning porcupines as far as I'm concerned, what with dealing with OPM and the markets, all the regulatory requirements, etc. it's a tough road to hoe.

    On top of that they have all taken the time to contribute significantly to the boards here as well as taking the time to contribute to helping some newbies out when they need guidance. Best of luck to these guys.
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    *laugh* "juggling burning porcupines" would meet any English teacher's definition of a colorful use of language! But that same teacher would wince at the mixing of "tough road to travel" and "tough row to hoe"! :)

    I'd describe trading as an emotional rollercoaster. All the elation and dejection of profits and losses (which are largely out of my hands once the systematic strategy is implemented) are magnified when I know I'll get to/have to report them to my partners.

    Thanks for your support, Chessman, P2, and Bro59.

    Yes, I'm following Praetorian's returns closely. He's creating a lot of alpha and has very little correlation with equities and debt. He's also gone about the creation of his fund in a very professional way with all the i's dotted and t's crossed.
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    I ate my english teacher with some favre beans and a nice chianti.

    Besides, I thought you used to work on the Forest Service' "Logging Roads to Forests" projects and were the the guy who hoed the road with multiple planting rows. I mean, that had to be a tough job.
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    surfer:) :) :)
  8. Great job guys! Very inspirational.

    Aaron- Keep up the good work.

    Surf- I thought you gave up that side o the business?

    Harris- Great job. Keep kicking ass. Is there anyway we can view your performance? (without filling out the cogenhedge website info).

    Happy Trading.
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    With the growing scrutiny on fund managers its probably best if no specifics are posted on the boards, lest it be construed as advertising. You might be able to contact these folks directly and get some numbers out of them.

    Ya gotta love how political pressure against traders grows during the bears. In the same vein as banks calling their good traders "one of the family," but when he blows out he was a "rogue."

    I think all these traders mentioned are postive, and I don't mean that "gross" term that the prop firms use.
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    Looks like Schindler fund had a good August. Up 19.5%.
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