Funding yourself while starting off

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by wahoo, Aug 15, 2002.

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    I definitely want to trade and have received positive feedback with a couple firms. I understand that they don't pay and that is not a detriment because they are not asking for capital either.

    However, I need to supplement my bank account for the time it takes to get initiated, anyone have any ideas on part time and/or weekend jobs. I don't want this opportunity to slip by.

    Thank elitists!

  2. Porn star - but you might have to work weekdays.

    Stripper - flexible hours, weekends good.

    Priest/minister/rabbi - make your own schedule, pretend to be praying while actually trading (at least that's what I would do). :D
  3. wahoo


    and to think i was expecting a serious response...
  4. There was a thread about this. Bar tender (if you could get it), doorman, valet, pizza dude...

    Or you could just turn to a life of crime.....
  5. And I think male porn stars only get paid a couple hundred bucks a day. The "ladies" make the big bucks. Supply and demand.
  6. could be a THUG! :eek:

    seriously though...if you're not averse to living on the wrong side of the law...there is BIG money available in drugs..
  7. JPB


    I can picture it now:
    "But I only sell drugs to support my trading habit..."
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    I was ACTUALLY thinking of becoming a rapper or embracing the thug/pimp life. That way when I make my first million I'll give a trader 25k and let him / her trade away. The odds are better to becoming a millionaire rapper than a millionaire trader anyways right? C'mon quant guys what are the odds?

    Anyone got leads? :D
  9. I'd take millionaire rapper over mediocre trader any day...
  10. waiter, bus boy, car wash, dishwasher, pump gas,

    these are some high turn-over type jobs that come to mind;
    easy to get;
    not that difficult to leave with a weeks notice

    a little longer term: truck driver,

    I've done them all

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