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  1. Is it possible to wire money into TD Ameritrade through a non-bank type entity, such as TransferWise. Note, they do not accept TransferWise.

    I don't know any other reliable/trustworthy entities similar to Wise, if someone can enlighten me, that would be great.

    Thank you.
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    Bitcoin. I hear it is stable.
  3. I believe Bitcoin is a 'cryptocurrency', and not itself a bank-like institution with the ability to transfer funds.

    Did you mean one of the exchanges? In either case, that would not be a good option. I have zero interest in dealing with such exotic instruments or exchanges.
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    I'm being facetious. Any legitimate and not-conspiratorial reason why you do not want to do it through a simple wire/Swift? Why would it be bad for you for it to go through a banking entity?
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  5. If I wish to do a transfer in USD I have to physically go to the bank branch to execute the wire instruction. They do not allow foreign currency transfers to be done online or through remote branches (only primary branches).

    Pre/Post (hopefully one day) COVID I tend to travel enough that having to physically go to a primary bank to execute a USD wire transfer would be *very* inconvenient. So I wish to see if there is a reasonable alternative.

    On top of that, doing USD currency conversion through my local bank is quite expensive (and bad exchange rate). So wish to see if mitigating that cost is feasible.

    If I can't find a reasonable alternative, I'll of course go through my local bank. But I felt I should at least try asking around first :)
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    There are a few online only multi currency banking alternatives but if you can't use Wize there is a good chance you won't be able to use the others either.