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  1. Hello all,

    What are the funding programs that everyone heard of? Are these funding programs actually legit? Do people who get funded succeed in withdrawing the profits from them?

    I want to try out one of the funding programs for bigger capital access (I am now trading Micro-Emini) so I can make more money trading the E-mini. However, I read a lot of negative reviews on internet which really got me worried. Not sure if these funding programs are legit. What if I make some profit but am not allowed to withdraw them?
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    E2trade has a nice micro program and they appear to be 100% legit. in expensive too. I cant recommend another for micros. They just had a sale too. maybe ask Ryan to extend it for you
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    Sure some of them are legit and you can see who is behind it ..The funding program is not automatic I hope you know that .. it depending upon you passing a paid test, if you fail try again and again.. there will be some break even point...the negative reviews you see are because many wonder and question the real motive behind this it really to gather talent or to make money by selling education and tests!
    Having said that it does not make them illegal..
    The true very top tier PROP firms dont do all this they secure talent based on either trading history of the applicant or for other skills like IT / math etc
    So if you are not in that category then the only way is to try these TEST Fee based props
    Another alternative before you decide to give the Test fee model a go is
    Practice on a sim enough with same conditions as those of these companies and see if it is worth then to pay the test fee
    Another way to showcase your talent is to have your trading signals on Zulu trade or C2 and if you are good people will pay you to so you they can use your signals...
    There is no easy pathway
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    Use the search function on this (and other) forum. All of these companies have plenty of posts/threads.
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