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  1. Attention all traders:

    We hope 2013 has been good to all of you thus far. The markets have been full of opportunities and our traders have been taking full advantage of them. This year already, we have funded 4 new traders and plan to keep funding the best and brightest traders around.

    For those of you that don’t know, TopstepTrader selects traders of all backgrounds and experience levels to be placed on a fully-funded trading account. Our scout team evaluates traders based on a set of trading objectives and requirements to be completed in a given time frame, known as the Trading Combine. In the Trading Combine, you will trade real-time futures in a simulated, no-risk environment.

    Based on the request of many Elite Traders in the Prop Firm Forum, we have made some changes to the Combine. If you are interested in funding, you will want to know about these changes.

    The Combine now features a minimum number of trading days. Previously, we asked our recruits (traders) to trade a finite number of days in order to be eligible. We know the markets don’t always present themselves with great opportunities. Our old model perhaps lead to forced trades or overtrading in order to reach the Combine Objective. With the new Minimum Combine, we are stressing patience and discipline.

    It is important to us to qualify and fund disciplined, consistent traders. Our community of traders is one of our strongest assets. We are committed to them and to their continued success. I felt it was necessary to share this with all of you in hopes of continuing to improve our process and to provide real opportunities for real traders.

    I do want to stress that this is not for everyone. The process of learning how to be a profitable trader with consistency and most importantly, discipline, does take time. There is no trading capital at risk to the trader, simply time. If one cannot afford the time, TopstepTrader may not be the right fit.

    We wish you all the best this year.

    Trade well,


    For those interested:
  2. your charging $160 for education. your in fine line in financial regulations about funding traders. is the account a simulated account? You cannot accept funds from anyone according to regulations to invest in futures,stocks etc if I'm correct.

    no monkey business okay.
  3. futuresleverage- All recruits are trading on a SIM account with full risk parameters enabled when evaluated. We do not accept funds from successful or unsuccessful traders for funding their account.

    Lastly, there are many educational tools we provide while in our program that helps traders both develop and gain confidence in their methodology. TopstepTrader is an education and recruiting firm that places trading talent with Patak Trading Partners, a trading firm and member firm of the CME Group.

    I hope that helps.

  4. anyone can be a member of the CME,NYSE, etc if you got the membership fees.