Funded program / prop firm allowing long term and spreading?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Steffler, Jan 7, 2021.

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    Hello! I am considering transitioning to prop. trading. Is anyone aware of a prop. firm/ funded trader program that allows long term positions and spread trading.. All the companies I have checked so far only allow day trading!
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    afaik most prop traders are spreaders.
    I dunno about position trading tbh...
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    Unfortunately, most futures prop firms have their beginner to intermediate traders close out positions at the end of each trading day. I am aware of high performing earners that are allowed to carry positions - but that is quite literally an "earned" right from the firm's principals.

    Also, these futures prop firms do not allow remote trading for their beginner to intermediate traders. You would have to relocate to Chicago, NYC, London, Sydney...

    And yes, they are predominately spread traders if you look at the prop futures firms as a whole. Especially the big firms like DRW and TransMarket.

  4. the only reason they spread nad are profitable is becuase of the membership fees and rebates and that is all it is.. just like the soes bandits but 2020 . regular retail you dont ge to do this so spreading is a no go short term or even daily
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