Fundamental Vs. Technical

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  1. I've been doing alot of study and it seems to me Technical analysis is more profitable but maybe this is just dependent on the market itself and what is going on at the time? What do you think about this argument?
  2. Fundamentals are not going to time the market, but MAY assist on longer term trend determination.

    But the first question is, do you base this belief on what other people say, exhaustive statistical studies that prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt, serious backward and forward testing and then live trading or something else?

    Otherwise, there is no argument and the trader will wallow in the realm of the wannabe papertrader.
  3. The studies of course! :D
  4. it isn't a question of 'versus'
    i'm a TAer/chartist but take note of such fundamentals as news reports, interest
    rates when trading the euro, tho there's an argument that such reports are them-
    selves technical rather than fundamental
    many people are more left/right brain oriented which can lean them to being a TAer
    or Fundamental trader
    neither TA nor F can predict for instance the capture of Sadaam Hussein when the
    euro opened down 100+ pips or the many criminal acts that resulted in a company -
    stock either dumping overnight or disappearing from an index
    when i listen to some commentaries about a stock/company and see the chart i
    often think the 'fundamental' commentary is nonsense compared with my analysis
    of the price
    the bottom line of course is profitability and either/or/both have proven to be so
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    When I trade bio tech stocks I look for FA only:

    1) Insider buying

    2) Safety (prefer 100% safe)

    3) Effective (must be above the standard approved drugs)

    If I see all of this, I will be likely to invest since the win% will be higher than 50% and reward vs risk will be 2 to 1 or even much higher.
  6. Quote from "The Number"