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    Wondering if there are any traders on here who also form a fundamental opininon of the market to either: A) make direct trading decisions B) use technicals as a supplement to enter based on a fundamental bias.

    I would be interested in finding out what sort of resources, data, commentary these traders keep on top of. Most posts are regarding technical trading with little to no fundamental inputs so I am wondering if there are inviduals here on the other side of the spectrum.
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    Bump....someone must follow fundamentals and use it as an input for decisions.
  3. I use the various calendars on the internet announcing the dates and times of news statements, reports, speeches...etc to NOT be in the market then. I am a technical trader, trading the fundamental market of Retail Forex.

    I have stumbled on a way to measure the levels of individual pairs through a proprietary, comparative approach.

    I regret that I cannot contribute more to your thread, but it would be offtopic.

    Michael B.
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    Yes quite a few traders, particularly technical traders, try to stay out of the market during announcements. Thats okay, I was actually looking for individuals who use a fundamental input as the basis for their decision. It would be great to start up a discussion on it which doesn't exist for the most part on ET.
  5. I use fundamental releases to clue me in on how the market is positioned, or perhaps as an entry point for a trade idea that has little to do with them, that's about all. Used in isolation, they can be outright dangerous for the short-term trader. No one loses bigger than he who depends on the market to react logically to the numbers.
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    Oh, what pathetic statement.
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    Thanks for the post.I am shooting for more of a long term viewpoint instead of say day to day trading. I do agree that focuses simply on fundamentals while trying to trade short term is a dangerous game.

    I am not interested in short term trading in terms of my thread subject. I am shooting for viewpoints regarding the economic analysis which can lead to making decisions about exchange rate movements over a long term horizon (multiple months).
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    m2, it's not easy to formulate fair value. It's basically a day's pay to infer future expectations. If you prefer handholding... then, you're out of luck.
  9. The same principle applies to the medium - long term, the "fundamentals" don't necessarily equate with what happens in the markets, and the markets can deviate from perceived "fair value" (no such thing in fx) a very long time. Why don't you give an example of a trade idea based on fundamentals, just to get an idea about what you are considering?
  10. And you call me pathetic? Sigh.
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