Fundamental Indicator index ... opinions needed.

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  1. If you could make a fundamental indicator .... "a type of index."

    What would you absolutely want to be part of the index?

    Please list your choices and label them 1,2,3,4, or 5

    1) Very early market uptrend/downtrend indicator
    2) Commodity indicator
    3) Futures index or Futures and/or based indicator
    4) Fed Financial indicators
    5) Trade and foreign

    This is a project I would love to tackle and will likely do.

    I would have to hire a coder and a few economist / trader types
    and put everyone in a hotel that has a conference room with a lot
    of whiteboard space ... I bet it could be done in 3 days ... or at least a rough with a rough coding in NinjaTrader.

    So ...
    which Key Macro-Economic Indicators should be in it?
    How should they be weighted?

    I think you could use the "Ichimoku Kinko Hyo" and recode it and have it as an overlay over candles.

    I have used the SPY and GLD as Macro indicators and a list of 60 stocks as fundamental macros ... but I'm talking about a huge index
    that would need the data fed into an Excel macro then certain numbers
    coded into NinjaTrader and then some backtesting and tuning.

    In the attached file ... these work very well to identify market health and a market bottom. Plus they show the trend change early.

    Pretty consistent on the "Daily" ... these are just 3 samples.