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    In your opinion, what fundamental reason or impetus will drive the US economy in the years ahead? Interest rates are already at zero so they can only go up from here. The real estate bubble has already been inflated and burst. The technology bubble as already inflated and burst. Fundamentally what will drive us forward? Maybe there will be some huge energy discovery that will revolutionize our lives? I just don’t see good times ahead until our savings are built back up. Any thoughts?
  2. i think this is why everyone is so sceptical after the fiscal stimulus there is no driving force. also the fiscal stimulus has been aimed at the free market but the fundamentals do not exist for the free market to exist.

    if the stimulus directly created jobs it might have worked for a while but it has been invested in a free market system that is constrained by taxation and legislation. the only way to resolve it would be to get rid of legislation reduce taxes then the fiscal stimuls might rectify the free market otherwise we will be standing at soup lines and wearing fluffy hats with red stars on.

    you are in my opinion right there will not be a economic recovery for a number of years. so store what you can now.
  3. the Tomato and Orange revelation...

    Golden Age... or (it's not possible to think to an other alternative... )
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    Tech will come back. Biotech / Alerting genes. I want night vision eyes, maybe some gills so I can live underwater, ya know, nothing big.

    I will say this, I was wrong as can be right after the crash. I thought "ok, who needs funding, lending has dried up, they will die." So I looked to short small biotechs. Many don't profit, constantly need money, I thought of them like old dot coms. They didn't go away, I was as wrong as can be. They kept getting their money. Why didn't they go? Maybe the earning potential is insane if they make it. They are now modifying the genes of babies in the womb. They genetically modify bacteria to produce insulin. It isn't going to stop and it is money.
  5. I am afraid when I see people saying that we have to evolve faster ( aka taking gen-modification agents), or simply that the social pressure will be strong on the one who don't "evolve"...

    I never heard something more stupid.

    Did you see the movie : Hulk ?

    It explains that maybe you want to be "superman" however does your children ?

    Do you know the value of diversity ? the strongness it brings, through infinte incremental variation nature assure us that there always be one left to save us...
    Conformity is weakness, if one fall all will fail...

    Be assured that mass scale genetical modification if allowed will on the long run make the living being more specialized to the work... Do you understand avaibility ? flexibility

    More than that Life Gen Pool mixing assure us the most important gift of all, and it's called unpredictability !

    What really are Gene ? Information or a physical thing ? What ever I will always trust nature, be it God or evolution I don't care both are better than human crazy genmodifier.

    And finaly, Does a computer creates himself the code to flashhimself ? And furthermore applicate on himself without the possiblity to press back ? :(
  6. 280 b out of $400 b (the rest were tax credits) went to payments to states and localities. States devoted 63 % of funds to medicaid, 13% to the general fund. Preserve the status quo.