Fundamental Data Source via HTML ?

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    Has anyone had any success or recommendations for a fundamental market data source(s) that can be queried via html/JavaScript, an return a parsable data string?

    I use a few free and paid data providers, however, I do not like their presentation formats, which are often multiple pages and full of ads. I also must use different sources for some quality information (short interest, inventory, etc) information, which is time consuming.

    I maintain my own web page and have a basic knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, VBscript, and some server side scripting. I would like to import information directly into my page, for my use, from 1 or more data sources to fulfill my needs. I can maintain a SQL database on the site. The data would preferably be returned as a parsable data string.

    Most available data is distributed via active server pages and cannot be easily parsed into fields. I would like to set up my fields and web page, and query the data from a data source to populate the page. (via JavaScript)

    This is more than just the basic, hi-lo-close-EPS-PE-cash flow stuff. I want to put together a comprehensive web page in my own format, that includes specifics I use, such as earnings and dividend dates, inventory, short interest, institutional owners and %, my own notes, comments and calculations (sql database for history).

    Those that have or want to share an example would be appreciated. I can always use input from those older and wiser.

  2. Sounds like something that could be done in Java.
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    I have no problem doing it, I am having trouble finding a ascii download or java api data source that is in depth enough to provide fundamentals, especially unusual ones like inventory, div date, shares short. institutional holdings etc....

    I've looked at quoteTrak, Quotemedia, esignal....
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    Scraping pages is too difficult to do from JavaScript, as you mentioned. Unfortunately, I don't know of any sources that will make it so easy as to give you the data, pre-parsed, for you. And in reality, JavaScript is not really meant to manipulate data in that form.

    I would write a program (Java/C#/Pyton) that scrapes different web sites and generates 1 HTML file, with all the information needeed, dynamically.

    You can then load the HTML file in your browser directly or use IFRAMES to load the HTML file as part of another bigger HTML.

    You may want to store the information scraped from other web pages into a database (sql/text file, whatever) so that your program can generate the HTML over and over without having to access those web sites every time.

    That's how I would do it.
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    scraping pages is waaay to hard, and the scouce changes. I figured that someone had (paid) ascii download or java api that I could incorporate into my app, but I have not found it. Seemed simple enough....
  6. cc2trade


    probably should have made it clearewr... I just need a ascii or java api datasource for fundamental data....
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    cashonly Bright Trading, LLC

    of all your sources for fundamental data, are you familiar with any that five historical fundamental data? for example, book value for the last 40 quarters?

  8. Why scrape when you can direct connect for free: <a href=""></a>
    That gives you free historic data and historic splits, plus you can get PE ratios, EPS, Yield, Dividend, etc.
    There are some subscriptions offered but you can stick with the free account to download 20MB per day using the API.

    BTW, the EOD data is updated every 15 minutes.