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    I trade wheat and was interested in incorporating fundamental analysis to my analysis. Does anyone know the best way to gather this information?
  2. if you are talking news, weather etc. just go with DTN and maybe CropCast or something along those lines.

    If you are needing more in-depth stuff it'll cost you, but there are many independent research/analysis, groups out there. Informa comes to mind right off hand, but there are many others, in both the weather forecasting and crop / yield rating business.
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  4. oh..since joe pointed out KCBOT that reminds can sign up for midday and EOD commentary from KCBT, also, the MGEX site usually has a EOD commentary or two for each day.
  5. it charges but i really like the site. It' organized well. and and like TX said get the KCBOT updates.
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    Just to clarify, is one of DTN’s products for fundamental market analysis (now found at Fundamental Ag information can be found at
  7. ya i'd recomend DTN for sure, good commentary. Worth the dough.
  8. Forget about specifics to grains.
    Each time commodities are moving more in unison.

    Watch money supply as the leading long term factor.
  9. one more thing to keep in mind is that the intra and inter-market spreads will sometimes give you a clue into underlying fundamentals as far as supply/demand standpoint.
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    Wheat trader;
    There is a Texas size trend going on,long term] since you probably have studied 1 year charts, here is some more trend info

    1980 -2007, corn ,wheat, rice ,soybeans [+homegrown turnip green,s lol]consunption is uptrending ;
    production is more to downside/dips.[NOV 2008 futuresmag]Some production up.......

    And your question had leverage /contract in the equation;
    but havent looked on medium wheat trend lately...

    Love that Sara Lee whole wheat bread bread , more tasty than US dollars,LOL
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