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  1. Best way to become an expert on it? I know there are numerous resources on the internet (including ET), but is there anything you guys recommend as a must have for stock analysis? websites or books. im thinking of getting security analysis by ben graham, any other suggestions? i really want to get the basics of fundy analysis down.
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    DON'T buy 5th edition. It is a completely different and totally unreadable book. Older editions have roblems with changes in accounting standards you need to know what modern GAAP does or does not allow.
  3. Don't know it it's still available but the London School of Economics used to offer a 3 month course on Fundamental Analysis. It was excellent but I wanted something more immediate and began a lifetime interest in TA.

    However I'm glad I did it - think it helped to see how "the other side" looked at the market.

    Now that was 1985/86, but it still might be available. If it is, I highly recommend it as it will probably be much more in depth than any single book.
  4. The best way to become an expert with fundamentals? Focus on the price of what you're trading/investing/speculating/gambling on. You make or lose money on "price", not fundamentals.
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  6. yea, you don't want to become mega rich like that idiot Buffet. Just concentrate on price, duh!

    Even Gann with all his PA jiggerypokery was into fundamentals predicting trends for decades ahead.
  7. awesome. im going to check all those out. i dont want anyone to know anything i dont. thanks fellas
  8. YOOHOO-------Buffett shmuffitt. When you're eating a chicken salad sandwich and drinking Coca-Cola, do you imagine yourself to be like Warren Buffett? Can you name the next 10 wealthiest "fundamental" investors after Buffett without looking it up on You can't, can you?
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