Fundamental analysis doesn't work

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    I don't care if Buffet recommends simply doesn't work. I never lost money in it...simply because after months and years of tests via computer programms I've written, reading studies from Harvard, MIT and etc - my conclusion is final: Nor technical analysis, nor fundamental analysis does work.

    It's the null hypothesis...

    My advice?

    Arbitrage, but classical arbitrage and NOT statiscial arbitrage, this is how I make money and most serious people do. Everything else is gambling pure and simple.
  2. Then explain why Buffett is worth $40+ billion and you're posting from your mommy's basement.

    And why you know so much about his methods but can't even spell his name.

    Great ET moment :p
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  4. Perhaps what you meant to was that "Fundamental analysis, *as you practice it*, does not work."

    That way, you don't lump in the success others have had in it with the failures you have observed personally.
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    How are you testing fundamental analysis with computer programs? True fundamental analysis requires more than playing with a few price and earning ratios. It's about going out and talking to the company's owners, employees, vendors, peers, etc. If you are just testing a few buying/selling rules based on some financial statement ratios, you aren't doing fundamental anlsysis

  6. Oh how splendid...another "I can't do it so no one can" thread :D
  7. You may be better off to read stuff from Rutgers or Denison. :cool:
  8. I figured he was referring to Yannick_Buffet who is well known for his ski mountaineering but lesser known for his equities trading strategy. :D