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  1. Hello everyone,

    I would like to present to you the opportunity to invest in the Managed Index Fund from Prestige Asset management.
    Starting from only 40000 euro.

    Private message or email me for more info.

  2. Investors from the US welcome.
  3. Hi Chuck,

    What is your affiliation?

  4. Hi Mike,

    Thanks for your interest.

    I'm an intermediary.



  5. That are some nice figures..
  6. It's the second one. As you can see by the telephone, faxnr. and website. Thanks.

  7. Butterfield Fulcrum does the administration.
    Deloitte is the auditor.
    HSBC Private Bank provides the banking services.
    JP Morgan is the prime broker.
  8. I am sure that the fund manager and the FSA would not like to see their fund information posted on a public website along with a solicitation for investors.

    I would suggest that you ask the moderators to delete this thread asap. Whatever affiliation you have with them, I am also sure this was not what they intended when they gave you permission to raise funds for them, if in fact they did.