Fund Mgr: '$200 Oil is a Good Thing'

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    Fund Manager: Why $200 Oil Would Be a 'Good' Thing

    Posted Jun 06, 2008 11:56am EDT by Aaron Task in Investing, Commodities, Recession

    "99% of investors need to focus less on the big picture and more on what their stocks are doing," says fund manager Howard Lindzon.

    But Lindzon does have some thoughts about the "big picture," particularly the endless debate about oil. Here, he gives the rationale for why $200 oil would be a good thing, because it might finally force America to get serious about alternative energy and get U.S. automakers to really innovate.

    "Maybe it's important oil finally goes to $200 so we do something else," he says.

    From an investor's perspective, "you can't be ashamed to be making money in oil stocks," Lindzon says. Noting that assets in commodity funds have risen to $260 billion today from $13 billion just a few years ago, Lindzon says it's crazy to bet against oil's rise: "If you're trying to top-tick oil, you are in front of a steam roller and could go broke."

    So how does Lindzon, who runs the long-only Lindzon & Associates and is a partner in two other funds called Knight's Bridge Capital Partners, explain why he's recently been trying to short oil?

    "I don't practice what I preach," he says, only half-joking.'Good'-Thing?tickers=WMT,BJS,COST,USO,DUG,GM,SNE