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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by LikeThat, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. LikeThat


    I want to start a fund for investing in tech-stocks.
    I just graduated with a Finance degree.
    My strategy for investing is "LikeThat"
    I can get 100-200k from family and friends to invest.
    This is less then 5% of their net worth so it
    is safe to risk it on some of these high risk stocks.
    If all goes well I want to expand capital.

    I want some advice for a start-up fund.
  2. sim03


    No, see, it's like this...
  3. SDacct


    do you have a good track record?

    i would consider your overall experience and time in the market in addition to your history and strategy.

    i personally would not want to have that much money in my power even if it means nothing to my relatives because it might change you psychologically.

    the potential to loose it all if you are unexperienced is great plus you would face them knowing you lost their money.

    at my stage, i would wait until i am more experience and find a good strategy that can manage 100k versus a couple grand.
  4. LikeThat


    Well, I want to get the funds ready for Facebook.
    It will be risky and everyone knows, but it has potential.
  5. Welcome to the learning curve. I hope from the point you're at now it's a steep path.

    hahahahha facebook
  6. You should just move to Vegas.

    At least you'll get free drinks... while you flush the money.
  7. LikeThat


    You may be right. Investing in good mutual funds are
    safer and long-term is the way investor's should think.

    However, Facebook is awesome. Ivy-advertising in all
    its glory. Granted you should actually do the math first,
    but the way I see it, corporations will through money at
    this site.

    The internet is all about making advertising more efficient.
    Which Facebook delivers a platform for and has
    almost every college student on.
  8. LikeThat


    I like to think of internet investing as something LikeThat.
    Why LikeThat and not LikeThis, well because computers
    are evolving so rapidly. One day some other kid at an
    Ivy league school will create a social networking site
    with more features and usability then Facebook. I don't
    know exactly what it is yet, but i'll probably see something
    LikeThat wipe out facebook.
  9. SDacct


    Sounds like you are interested more in private equity and venture capital. usually the new innovative companies that are growing are not public.
  10. We have a steep slope on your learning curve in the negative direction.

    There is plenty of information on these forums about starting a hedge fund. The "search" function can be your new best friend rather than the "post" button you've been using to write your ill-informed posts.

    Facebook is not a publicly traded company. Although many hedge funds are moving towards the private equity realm, the url of this site is "Trader" being the key word. I wish you luck in your future endeavor to start your Facebook "hedge" fund.

    What school let you graduate with a finance degree?
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