Fun, Trading Places article...

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  1. Don did he have to pay you the -$1200 or u let him go free
  2. We have him cleaning up the kitchen for the next month, LOL.

    Don :p
  3. tireg


    Entertaining piece, but also reminds us of the risks associated with leverage.
  4. Well i have to say leverage is a blessing to a person who know how to use it well
    and a curse for a person who wont be able to handle it.
  5. tireg


    couldn't agree more.
  6. Entertaining indeed, fun article to read. Good post Don.
  7. Awesome Don

    I admire that fact that you went out on a limb like that. Not so bad, considering... I would have thought you guys would have placed some stops for him to limit his losses to maby $500 or less. Nevertheless, Nice to see a Top Notch firm doing this sort of thing. I would doubt you guys have any more plans for this sort of experiment :D :D

  8. You know, it's funny...we offered a 2 week free trial for local College students a couple of years back...we let them trade with no money down, showed the opening strategy, and over the period of 2 weeks they were able at actually show profits (not all of them, but quite a number)....but this reporter, who is quite a character, tried to "just do it" without any real's too bad, but as I said earlier..."kinda fun" ---LOL.

    Check his other adventures. (cute, eh?).

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    Does anyone know if Bright Accepts part time traders. I have been an active trader for several years and I have been wanting to try a career at day trading for some time however I would like to try it out before I quit my job. I would like to trade the first 2 hours of the market prior to work. If anyone knows if that is an option with this company please let me know.
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