Fun Sunday Evening (9/7)

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by Intrinsic, Sep 7, 2008.

  1. If you are trading Treasury Futures...

    nice moves...
  2. Where's the bottom?

    Free Fall...
  3. Usually the bottom occurs right around when someone comes on to a trading forum & asks "Wow how low can this thing go?" "Where's the bottom?"

  4. cszulc


    Why are you talking to yourself??
  5. This market has gotten my panties all wet & I have no one else to talk to :D
  6. LOL, look at the futures go!
  7. cszulc


    LOL, thats what I thought!
  8. Great action tonight.
  9. morreo


    Jeez, how were you guys talking during this action?!

    Shorted 20 Two years at 106030

    covered 105280


    The real money was eurodollars though. Up 90k right now and counting.
  10. YM + 255
    ES + 35
    Hope they soar the down to up 500 point that would be fun.
    #10     Sep 7, 2008