Fun in Vegas! (20th - 23rd of November)

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  1. Who from ET will be out in Vegas for the Trading Expo? I have never gone to one of these online trading expo's, but I am going to go in November and check it out (time for a vacation).
  2. What days will you be there?

  3. gimp570


  4. I go every year and usually speak there, but will be just checking out the vendors this time.
  5. I will be there along with Mike Medved (partner/brother)
  6. I intend to be there. Probably a 95% chance I show. I am also curious who else will be there. Maybe we can get together for some drinks and strippers?

  7. axehawk


    I'm there!
  8. For sure the 20th and 21st. I'm not sure yet if I will stay through the 23rd or not, I will let you know later. :)
  9. ChrisRT


    I'll be there. I'm speaking at 8:00 a.m. on the 23rd...don't they know that it's Michigan/Buckeye game on the 22nd and it's cruel to schedule me so early the next morning? : )

  10. Are any of you ECHO traders going to be out in Vegas at the expo? Also, are any of the ECHO prop traders doing futures at this time?
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