Fun Game: Guess the CPI number & whether it will be manipulated

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  1. The number will be released Wednesday, April 16th at 8:30am.

    Govt. CPI release: 0.5%
    Actual CPI: 0.9%
    Manipulated: Yes

    If your actual CPI is higher than the CPI release you obviously think the number is manipulated. There is no way to prove this but lets see what everyone thinks.

    Person the closest to the actual number gets a cookie.

    I am going to LMAO if we get another BS 0.0% number.
  2. 1.1%

    I'm confused what you mean government cpi vs actual. All CPI numbers come from the government and of course they are manipulated as real CPI is much higher.
  3. m22au


    govt: 0.4% (mom)
    actual: 0.8% (mom)
    manipulated: of course
  4. Okay, I know it was the PPI number today and not CPI which comes out tomorrow. But I still want a damn cookie for calling a inflation indicator, dammit.

    1.1% CPI may still be proven right anyway. In that case I want two.
  5. Since you have no basis to calculate the CPI number and if the govts number is different then yours you have already determined its manipulaiton whats the point of posting your guess?

    Does the CPI number have any real effect on you? No matter what the number its not going to change the amount you pay for consumer goods.
  6. I estimate inflation for my expenses to be between 8 to 12% per annum for the last couple years. Of course a big chunk of my expenses is food, energy and housing which is coincidentally not included in the official CPI.

    I did see a discount in the local Asian jack shack which helps.. people who would utilize their service.. I suppose..
  7. Since your expenses and consumption varies and its not a detailed statistical look at prices, nor does it cover more then a very limited geographic area, your guess at the increase in expense of your lifestyle has no relevance to the national CPI number or its accuracy.
  8. Yeah, my regional needs for food and energy are uniquely mine. National CPI reported by the government is far more relevant and accurate than my personal inflation number. Thanks for pointing out my err.
  9. Makloda you better post you tin hat image here.
  10. Thats the whole scam behind goverment and wall street data, make it as compliated sounding as possiable.

    You see what we got from "creative financing" all so George Bush and the Rep could try and keep control.
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