fun contest with real cash prizes !

Discussion in 'Forex' started by marketsurfer, Oct 3, 2003.

  1. GFT global is offering a free forex trading contest with actual cash prizes. this should be FUN !! i bet a scalper will not win !! lol.

    enjoy !

    surfer:) :)
  2. "i bet a scalper will not win !! lol"

    haha well anyway it is from November, did they had earlier any contests?

  3. not sure. are you trading the november contest ??

  4. I'm afraid of a problem that , in order to win a contect by maximising returns/profits, most likely a trader when using paper (free) money for trading may not care too much about the principle of capital preservation (with healthy returns). :confused:
  5. "not sure. are you trading the november contest??"

    Yes I will sign up for the november contest
  6. Of course. If you have to trade against 100 people and all that counts is who has the most money in the end, the only viable strategy is to risk as much as possible.

    And that in turn will produce one lucky guy who makes 100000000% in a month, and what better publicity could there be for a bucket shop?
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    How true, Lobster! Of course there may only be several people who even end up positive.
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    I guess they will not publish such statistics - what % of all players lost money.
    Only Top Ten Traders, Contest Winners with astronomical returns :D
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