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  1. Hey folks,

    I am looking for a decent tech analysis platforn that is completely web based, meaning no downloads required to run it. For example, esignal would not qualify. I will be travelling extensively and wish to use any computer I find to do some work. Web cafes will not wish for me to download trading platforms onto their systems (and I don't want the hassle anyway).

    All I require is a system that will let me draw trendlines, and some really basic indicators. It does need to be a real tech platform though that will let me fill the screen with charts, and save the info. For this reason, the free crap like Futuresource won't work. I currenly use esignal, but don't need anything that powerful.

    And I am a futures trader, so continuous data is a plus.

    Thanks for any info.

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    It is quite difficult to find one. The best candidate I can think about is java-based applets/applications. Even with java-based apps, you also likely have difficulty in internet cafes, because their machines are either no java-plugin or not up-to-date, so just don't fully depend on java apps.

    Anyway, you may already know the LiveChart from quote.com. Also there are few affiliations with http://www.tradesignals.com who offers a good java charting software, you can google it out.
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    What about investing in a decent laptop?

  4. gonna look into Prophet again.

    Have a laptop. Not going to bring it to some of the 3rd world places I'm going to though. Wouldn't last long before being lifted. I don't want to babysit it 24/7. It is going to the Dominican Republic with me, but will stay there at my home as I go elsewhere, mostly S America.


    Believe it or not, 3rd world countries have some great net cafes.
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    Prophet would be the best bet I agree.. for the live charts it needs java to work... but you can get other charts that will update each time you load the page which will work without java if needed I think..

    you can also do scans on intra day data and if using java then could do a certain amount of intra day stuff.. but would be perfectly fine for monitoring swing positions
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    Futuresource also has a web-delivered Java product called Xtra, i've used it before and its quite good for the price (sub $100).

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  8. why wouldn't tradestation 7 or 8 work for just this kind of thing.
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    I go to Republica Dominicana several times a year.
    Invest in a really good cable lock for your laptop.
    I lock my laptop to a piece of furniture.
    I would not be able to trade on a public PC.
    I have no problem plugging into the high speed "Flash"
    at The Internet Cafes. I also have a padded knapsack that does not look fancy. Both my bag and lock are by "Kensington"
    You can also buy a really loud motion sensor for like $50!
    What part of RD are you going to?

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