Fully redundant automation?

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    I now have a dual WAN router with 2 ISP providers to avoid internet loss, a heavy duty smart up with 5 hour of power generation to avoid power loss. What I seem to be missing is how to find a redundant solution for both data and strategy sync issues? Perhaps automation software or platform that functions with the use of a dual data source, sending E-mail messages when large enugh inaccurate data matches are found, or data lost? Also, Software or platform that assures constant position and system sync matches? Would appreciate learning from those whom have sucessfuly discoverd fully redundant solutions, or the closest best thing available, thanks in advance.
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    There are always going to be so called "points of failure", things that you cannot control. For instance, even though you may have a power supply in case of a power outage, your ISP could lose power. Even the Exchanges in NY have power and data outages.

    I've been running 100% fully automated / robotic stock traders since 2001 and have heard all of those concerns for years, but seldom do they actually happen. And, even if you do lose power for a while, all it means is you are a 'buy and holder' for a little while. People act like the minute the power goes out, the stock they are sitting in is going to go ENRON on them!

    CoolTrade has redundant everything, like redundant NYSE, NASD, AMEX historical databases, redundant indicator databases, multiple failover clusters (i.e. if a computer crashes, another immediately wakes up), automated load balancers to distribute the load, etc.

    The CoolTrade software also allows trading through TD AMERITRADE, MB Trading, and Interactive Brokers. And, just last week has started the full automation of Jim Cramer (TheStreet.com) alerts.

    If you couple your precautions with an automated trader that does the same, and a reputable broker, your "points of failure" can be substantially reduced.

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    If your trading is fully automated, then consider server colocation at a good data center.
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    kubilai, any experience or suggestion with names of the better data centers avail? Thanks for your response.
  5. ATLien


    Softlayer.com - I have a few servers here. Though these are unmanaged leased servers.

    Equinix - Any company that leases out of their data centers is great and they have a locations around the country. Also accept colos.
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    It depends on where you live, I've averaged a visit to the data center every half a year or so, to upgrade the OS, fix problems, replace hardware etc.

    Found my colo provider on http://www.askwebhosting.com/co-location/search/

    Been doing this for two years, totally happy with it, also no sweat if I have to move, or work away from home for a month.
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    Thanks, I deeply Aprreciate the feedback. Will look into these both options.
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    Missac, you've already done so much to ensure better 'uptime', that you should just go with what you have, as you may have more than the ISP themselves have. I've seen power outtages at ISP's that have brought down whole server racks.

    Rather than opting for co-location, it might be better to build a trading system or trading strategies that will minimize the losses in case of downtime.

    Generally, if you are going to lose money in the stock market, it will more than likely be caused by a bad strategy (or one not suitable for the current market conditions), and less likely to be caused by a rare power outtage.

    There are too many things well out of your control that all the preparation in the world cannot prevent, like, broker outages, exchanges outages, data feed problems (going all the way back to the root - the exchanges themselves).

    In summary, save on co-location costs, build a powerful home network, and spend MORE TIME developing your trading strategies.


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    ED, thanks for your advice!
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    FYI, it seems that the new TS build, currently being beta tested, finally has an offline data/server alert feature added. Also, I believe enhanced features that will keep strategy and position matches in sync. (Sending E-Mail alerts when these worst case scenario events occur)

    Hopefully, this should greatly improve the risk management and stability of my hands of and sometimes unattended automated preference.
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