Fully mechanical system

Discussion in 'Forex' started by levijean, Jul 25, 2008.

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    I have published the results of my mechanical fx system if anyone is interested.

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    academic paper? i'll read it

    if it's just your backtested results, no thanks

    edit: nvm... you didn't yet post that link when I first replied
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    Don't know why you want to reveal of what you have been doing. I keep it secret regardless it is working or not.
  4. I had to click refresh for the page to show.

    Looks OK. Long term trend following currency pairs.
  5. This guy is a astute marketer.

    Using a 2004 registered ET handle gives him some legitimacy.

    I wonder how many other ET nicknames he has.

    BTW, I hope everyone realized by now he does not trade this "system". He hasn't made a live trade in his entire lifetime.

    Probably stealing someone else's signals and passing off as his own.
  6. levijean


    Sure, but minimum investment is $50,000.
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  8. Yawwwwwn, just another failed trader trying to sell garbage to the gullible.....

    Around 28% compounded, for 7 months trading is not that great really, certainly nothing to brag about. To be honest it's not even worth the 25 bucks a month you're asking for it.


  9. I am certainly not here trying to defend somebody trying to sell some system, but your statement above is begging for a reply. How is a 28% return 'not that great' if you don't consider the risk taken at all? Isn't a certain return only good/bad when set into proper perspective with the amount of risk taken? A 28% return with a low level of volatility and a low drawdown can be an excellent result!

    Oh I forgot, I am on ET. Everybody here is making 500% a quarter with zero risk.
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