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  1. msoftsys


    Probably a stupid question,

    Do you aware of a program that automatically trades on the market.

    It seems that many day traders have a very defined strategy,

    Why a program can`t do it automatically?

  2. Take a look at the Tradestation Platform at http://www.tradestation.com It is getting very close to the automation which you describe. The system signals can bring up a trade display which you can pre-dictate the requirements of, and once the system produces the signal, it can be clicked to send.
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    CQG is in the process of implementing its automated system, OTTO. Someone mentioned PrepETrader, recently. There are a number of system assist brokers who will work systems that they are familiar with.


  4. mjt


    One I'm familiar with is http://www.wintick.com/6_0/home.asp This is ASCTrend from AbleSys. They have an impressive track record, which they give you trade by trade. Unfortunately, I went back and looked back at all their backtesting, and the entry/exit prices they listed in their backtesting often didn't match up with the prices that the alerts would have given. For example, the software may have given a buy alert on JNPR on 6/12 at 10:30. The entry price they document for that time may be 33.5, and the stock was trading about 32.5 at the time. Then it gives a sell alert at 2:30, and the exit price they document might say 34.5, but the stock was trading about 33 then. Oddly enough, though, it seemed to me that more often than not the backtesting results would have been better had the data been accurate. In other words, their backtesting results should be taken with a grain of salt.

    I'm not necessarily recommending them, but they do have agreements with a few direct access brokers for automated trading based on the alerts from their software.
  5. Try this one:


    It is First Alert's automatic trading system. You program the filters and parameters, and it will fire the trades. First Alert is most known for it's filtering capabilities.

    If you want to trade with this system, the only trading firm I know of that has it is Echotrade. They designed the order entry that First Alert is building. They are at http://www.echotradeonline.com

    Other guys have written their own interfaces from excel to an API that connects with Echo's software.

  6. Do you guys know of any program that has basket trading, and can do automated basket trading also?
  7. rtstrading

    There is a thread on my message board about Tradestation being fully automated. A trader built in a macro to check every 20 seconds to see if the program was asking you to accept the trade and it would click yes. That's 100% automated.

    First alert that Trader Jim posted is also 100% now to my knowledge
  8. Thanks!