Fully automated futures trading

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  2. My only economic interest are some OTM options which vested before I left. Sadly they are struck at £2.80 so unlikely to be worth anything!

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  3. Also interestingly the only profitable fund was AHL evolution whose USP is that it accesses a wider range of markets; thus confirmation that diversification over instruments using relatively simple systems is better than trying to come up with fancier ways of predicting the same instrument.

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    Which conveniently just "added $500 million in new capacity".

    I didn't check the numbers, but longdated calls on a volatile stock struck at 2× the current price are far from worthless.
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  6. There are least 500,000 other assets I'd think about trading before I went anywhere near this crap. From my blog:


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    Hello GAT,
    what futures are symbols KR3 and MXP ? Thank you.
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    Hi Rob - what is the event that you will be covering this, in April?
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  9. http://quantcon.com/

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  10. Korean 3 year bond futures, and MXPUSD FX IMM futures

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