Fully automated futures trading

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  1. henner247


    hey, I'm wondering... the charts and performance data you are showing. Is that your whole IB account? or just your systematic strategies? because you are saying profits from stocks & hedges....
    nice job anyway and gl in the markets
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  2. That's the whole account.

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  3. henner247


    ok, thanks. but there's no long-only equities exposure in it? I remember you said somewhere that is hedged out.
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  4. Yes it's hedged out, but no hedge is perfect.

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  5. henner247


    Thx. Have you checked your correlation to the MSCI world or some kind of global equities portfolio...?

    If it's low. How can I invest in you ?
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  6. Yes it's low (about 0.1)

    I don't accept outside investment.

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  7. What do you suspect this system is doing...numbers look pretty good.
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  8. Pick your favourite answer;

    - I have no idea based on the information available
    - There is insufficient history to say whether it is any good or not
    - performance is hypothetical not real
    - the numbers I can see indicate this is probably a strategy with a large amount of hidden risk ('negative gamma')

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  9. drm7


    It looks like a mean reversion system. Lots of small wins and a few very large losses. I've seen lots of stochastic/RSI/oscillator/BBand overbought/oversold systems with stats like this in rangebound markets, then the equity curve falls off a cliff in a strong trend.
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  10. yep.. I've been running tests on multi year data.. even when things look good not many can withstand the drawdowns of some systems that show promise. I have strong belief that algorithmic trading is changing the long term behavior of markets.
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