Fully automated futures trading

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  1. Ideally you'd trade forwards which always start on quarterly IMM dates. This is what they do in CTA land. Then you have something that looks almost exactly like a future (assuming you also cash settle the forwards on expiry).

    Last time I checked some spreadbetting firms offer something similar to this, although as usual the spreads are too wide for my taste.

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  2. Non equal instrument weights don't "offset" correlations exactly but I think I understand what you mean.

    On a portfolio like this where most of the correlations are pretty similar it wouldn't make much difference.

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  3. I see, thanks. What is the benefit to trading an OTC forward vs a listed future?
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  4. Wider choice of currencies.

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  5. I see, this makes sense. You could still control the frequency you're trading at to keep costs in check, but obtain greater diversification.

    I was wondering, where do you source your Korean 3yr, 10yr and Kospi200 futures data from? I see none of this is available on Quandl...
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  6. Interactive brokers

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    GAT, how do you calculate your individual instrument volatility forecasts (for risk targeting)? I've tried various timeframes for rolling stdev of daily returns, and I find that the results from my backtest are sensitive to how I calculate this volatility (sharpe could vary from 0.3-0.8 depending on how I measure the vola).
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  8. Exponential weighting 25 day halflife
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    How did you pick this value? Do you know why the results would be so sensitive to how long the lookback is?
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  10. Same as riskmetrics (to be precise I use a=.054 where v_t=a*x_t + (1-a)*v_t-1 and x_t = r_t ^ 2)

    I'm very surprised the results are so sensitive. For lookbacks from 1 week up to around 20 weeks I found almost no difference in pre cost SR. Of course the faster lookbacks cost more to trade. For cheap futures using the default is fine. For expensive ETF's using a slower lookback makes sense, up to a point.

    If you're interested there is much much much more on this in chapter 12 of my book.

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