Fully automated futures trading

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  1. You're right - it isn't possible. Great experiment by the way.

    I see a lot of people getting really tied up about the 'correct' value of these things. But it doesn't matter as much as people think. For example if you apply random noise to all your forecasts scalars, such that they're only right within an order of magnitude, what effect would it have on your Sharpe Ratio? Not as much as you might expect.

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  2. Another milestone this morning - just passed 500K of accumulated profits (before taxes, sadly)

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    What're you going to spend all that loot on?
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  4. Tax take is about a quarter (it's classed as capital gains, which attracts a marginal rate of 28%).

    Some goes towards living costs; but I've got enough other investment income to cover most of that.

    So most of it is ploughed into buying other investments; firstly through funding ISA allowances (if you're not UK based this is a tax sheltered investment scheme), then buying stuff outside tax shelters. The plan being to have my passive investment income outside of tax shelters increase to the point where it's covering wouldn't matter if my trading account earned zero.

    Once I've got that, with a reasonable amount of safety, I might consider paying off my mortgage or buying another place. Only then will I even think about the usual mid life crisis stuff - cars, bikes and boats.

    These days are behind me (from 1:30 onwards)

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    Well, bravo sir, honestly.
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  7. done
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  9. Hi,

    Thanks for the all to info you provide on this subject.
    Can you point me to sources for the "theory" of correctly optimizing the parameters of strategies ? By "correctly" I mean:
    -avoiding over fitting
    -correctly using in sample and out of sample data
    -resting on solid statistical models (esp. w.r.t. no over fitting).
    Thank you.
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  10. I'm assuming you've read my book already :)

    If you need more detail then is probably the best book specific to trading.

    If you're really serious about it then is the best book in terms of giving you an understanding of distribution of sample statistics.

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