Fully automated futures trading

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  3. It looks like that all Korean data has recently not been updated at Quandl: https://www.quandl.com/data/KRX-Korea-Exchange I once had an issue with other data at Quandl with a similar issue (data not being updated). Sending a message to Quandl had it solved rather quickly. You might want to contact them.
    I use IB as data source.
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    Response from Quandl is that the KRX feed is now depricated. Sourcing from IB it is then.
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  5. Good to know that Quandl can no longer be used as data source for these Korean instruments.
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    I just logged on to post the exact same thing, as it took me two weeks to get a response out of them. In any case, hope everyone is managing to survive the difficult TF environment this year. Those relatively smooth looking backtested account curves provide scant comfort when looked at in real time :)
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  7. In case you're asking me: I'm not having a good year this year. And there is not much time left over to have that corrected. Probably I have to consider this year as a lost year and hope for better results in the future.
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  9. Recent poor performance is not statistically significant.

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