Fully automated futures trading

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  1. What are cold futures?
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    Yes, completely agree.
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  3. Vol
    Damm autocorrect

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  4. Haha, funny. Vol futures are not particularly cold at the moment.
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    I knew what you meant :)
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    Hey GAT,

    Is it a good use of time to try to build a more accurate trend filter? Say using machine learning techniques and using more factors/features to redue noise/detection? If not why so?
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  7. No, a bad use of time IMHO. I'd be surprised if you could get significantly better out of sample performance from the ragtag bunch of simple trend rules I use myself (I've seen people try, and fail, at this).

    You're better off diversifying your system to different instruments and different styles of trading.

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    This was insanely lucky!
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  9. Of the different styles of trading, what would you recommend?
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    Hi GAT,

    I know you mentioned that trading rules that are too fast can be excluded due to costs.
    Let's assume that costs are low or near 0. Is there a timescale at which momentum effect is overwhelmed by noise such that it is useless as a trading rule?
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