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  1. My trading is done by midday, after that, it is lunchtime. Always trying to find things to do in the afternoon, everyone is at work, feel so weird when my retired neighbor look at me with kind of "why you not out there working 9 to 5 job", i did not say I'm a trader, I'm not sure whether it is the social pressure which is causing me to feel this way or I'm too concerned about wat people think...

    Before going trading fulltime few weeks ago, i have been working 9 to 6pm, now there's so much free time, but i just not enjoying it, instead, i'm feeling weird not working, with all those stares...
  2. 1 word = self improvement,
  3. Buy a motorcycle



    Weight lifting


    Charity work

    Be a school mentor

    Visit nursing homes
  4. I've been doing this for a while. Used to be horrible and now I squeak out a decent living.

    I can relate. I don't even put it on a resume or discuss it. Everyone still considers it gambling.

    Golf is usually what I do
  5. It feels unnatural the first year and after that you find things to do or gain 50 lbs. As for the question what do you do? I found that "I am retired" works wonders. I remember when I used to tell people the truth. It was worse than claiming to be a pimp or a homeless person. LOL
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  7. That's why you have elitetrader.com.
  8. this is why i`m sitting hear with you,oh, my fine little cockroaches!

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    I tell you, I'm still surprised at how common it is to find successful traders having this sort of problem. Not that it's common to find successful traders of course, but you know what I mean... ;)

    I think a big part of the problem is that you do it from home. When you imagine someone making a living at this, many people envision a slacker bum sitting in his underpants in front of a computer eating junk food. Much like the typical gamer stereotype. If you were a trader at a firm/hedge fund and put on a suit and drove into work each day like everyone else, that might give a sense of "legitimacy" to it in many peoples eyes. Though even that will attract scorn during times that the market is doing poorly.

    But in most cases it's probably plain and simple envy. Everybody wants to think that their own struggles/challenges in life are shared by others, and when they find out that isn't always the case then they get jealous.
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    I think this is in your head dude.. 10% of the people are unemployed. But that number is only of the employed population. Approximately 50% of the population is unemployed at any given time..

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