Full Time Traders Where do you Put Cash?

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    come to Nassau, the dollar is par to the usd.
    one month fixed deposit is from 3.25 to 3.75, one year 5-5.50
    Mortgages here are 9.95 percent or higher.
    Four year money can yield you 7-8 percent.

    I use to buy us t-bills and place them in the trading account and play off the security. You lose a few points 98 percent, no big deal as you never use all of the funds.
    One could purchase an instrument make a few extra points over the year and still have the majority of the funds to use.

    Small private mortgages 50-55 percent of value are also pretty safe and give a better than normal roi.

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    Municipal bonds, state bonds.
    in Nassau a few year back when the 2nd PI bridge was being built the return was above par. I am researching now some of the infrastructure in the US like roads, bridges, canals etc to compare.

    Also you will find some of the Switz Banks offer approx. 2-3 points higher than the present US. I received 8 precent on 3 yrs money and 10 percent on 5 when Nassau and the US were less.

    A littel dd will go a long way.

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    I agree with the Govt. backed issues... I would also submit convert some cash to Gold & Silver - However there is a bit of a wait right now

    Take Care
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  4. Everbank has me over 3% yield a year. You have to figuer out what "Basket you want". You have to research and not be a dumb ass, just taking advice.

    Korona yield 12% should have told 'Those Investors" something. UMMMMM RISK!!!!!!!!

    Besides, the money that is stashed in Everbank is for "protection of Capital". Not looking to yield 400%
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  5. TIPS
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  6. (LOL) OK. I confess. There is a little in my closet...

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  7. I should have done a poll. Think the most votes are for Everbank.

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  8. 7 to 8% yield?... You know, I always liked Nassau... :)

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  9. OMG... That is soooo true!

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  10. Glad you asked this question. Didn't they require government capital to keep them afloat?

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