full time Trader looking for a friend trader

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by Ribs, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. Ribs


    I am looking for a female friend trader who can match my intelligence vigor and stamina

    must have legit green eyes

    redish hair

    6 foot 2, my height (with or without heels)

    face can be average but not ugly

    Also she must be borderline psychotic, because fear will prevent us from having fun


    we will travel, trade, snuggle, and perhaps even settle down

    my real name Bo

    PM me

  2. LOL!
  3. ET....where your dreams can come true.
    :D :D :D
  4. Ribs


    nothing funny, when you get call of the nature let me know :)
  5. Ribs


    I seriously say to that, WHY NOT :)
  6. LoL you want a girl who is over 6 ft tall, with red hair AND green eyes?

    just create a blow up doll
  7. Ribs


    look I am a man of quality

    I demand my equal
  8. Banff01


    Be warned! Stats show that relationships where the partners spend too much together have much higher chance of failure. Would you be cool about it, if she were a better trader than you? :)
  9. No offense, but ET probably ISN'T the place to meet chicks. A smart guy would know that. But then again, I know you aren't serious :)

  10. Ribs


    if she was better trader than me I would respect her so much more

    that idiot Cramer has trader wife

    So why not me
    #10     Feb 13, 2009