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    when drew barrymores character is in a mexican bar, and a guy slaps her ass, what song is that thats on in the background on the jukebox??? howard stern plays it sometimes on his show... been trying to find an id for it for some time... thanks...
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    looking on there, didnt find anything... it was a 10 second clip in the movie... i dont think it was long enough to be on soundtrack...

    and yet you took the time out to read and respond to our posts... lol awesome...

    oh btw, go edit your post and add some more bs to it... spend some more time here on this thread...
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    we're lame leave us alone why do you keep coming back?~?!
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    then what??? wtf does that even prove? or what does that even do for you??? are you that small and petty that the only way you feel better about yourself is by inflicting pain onto others??? im not saying you could or couldnt kick my ass, but i am saying its pointless, serves no purpose... and hypothetically speaking if you did, longstory short id have all your money and youd be broke living on the street so who really wins???
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