Full-size NYMEX cash-settled contracts starting 9/5

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by JangoFolly, Aug 31, 2006.

  1. Hi. Does anyone know if the physical contracts will still trade after-hours on Globex as separate issues from the cash-settled contracts that will trade 23 hours/day?

    I'm trying to get my data vendor (IQFeed) to figure out whether there's a new symbol for the cash-settled contracts.


    EDIT: It looks like the NYMEX root symbol will be WS for cash-settled crude. Any ideas on whether the day-time electronic volume will go more heavily to the physical or cash contracts?
  2. Where can I locate on the internet a recent list of NYMEX daily Light Crude settle prices up to the latest one?

    Any help appreciated.
  3. Thats why I asked. Couldn't find any back history on daily crude prices at nymex.com. Does anyone know where I could quickly access that info?
  4. Full-sized cash settled contracts have been trading on Globex for weeks. Tuesday is the advent of the physically-settled contract's trade during pit hours.
  5. The symbol should be CL on your (whatever) platform. I expect the physical contract to have FAR more volume than anything cash settled (QM/WS).

    Also, there will be a hard battle with the WTI (IPE) contract.
  6. good volume in CL ( OCT 06 ) overnight