Full-size futures on GLOBEX

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by DT-waw, Jan 28, 2002.

  1. DT-waw


    Def, Can I trade Full-size S&P, NQ, Euro-FX, Japanese Yen, Eurodollar futures on GLOBEX-2 with IB?

    What commissions on those contracts are?
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  3. alanm


    Hmmm. I can enter the full size contracts in TWS, and I can almost trade them, except it says "unable to value contract at this time", which is not what I expect for tickers that you have no clearing for. That normally produces a message about the clearing rule. Are you sure? There are other contracts that can be entered in TWS that are not in the contract listing.

    BTW, if I send an order for the SPH2, and cancel it immediately (before the "cannot value" message), it just goes purple and stays that way. If I wait 10 seconds for the message to come up, it goes red and disappears. I've seen this before for orders that don't go live for other reasons. It would be nice if the cancel worked correctly on these blue orders.
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    the big contracts are available for non-cleared accounts when they are live on globex - they are not supported during open outcry hours.
  5. exce26


    Does anyone know about a website which shows globex S&P, Nasdaq future quotes?