Full Service Broker or Bank

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Chuck Krug, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. I know this is not strictly speaking for the direct access forum.
    But I'm looking for a full service broker or bank specialized in defensive investments for an elderly relative of mine.
    Relative is from Europe.
    Account size is $100k.
  2. No one?
    What's the account minimum for JPMorgan?
  3. Not sure what your definition of a defensive investment is and don't know what their policies are on foreign accounts or even if this will be one but I've had good luck with Fidelity for this kind of account and investing.

    They have a seemingly strong financial position and offer a range of products and services, including a good array of commission-free ETF's. Their commissions are not the best but they aren't terrible and that probably isn't a factor to you anyway. Also, unlike JP Morgan, they are away from the whole mortgages tie-in.

    Then again, you may be looking for a brokerage that will make investing recommendations ... those are the ones I personally avoid.
  4. Was thinking more along the lines of a brokerage or bank that offer portfolios of corporate bonds and advise on them.
    Thanks anyway
    will look into fidelity a bit more
  5. Not recommending anything to you, given my ignorance of your situation (and the fact that you don't know me :) but you can also come close to mimicing that type of bond performance via some of the bigger bond ETF's.

    Good luck ....
  6. no problem wally
    was actually looking more for a company with an account manager to avoid that i will have to do that
  7. Again, good luck. Were I you though, I'd take a quick perusal of what is out there in ETF land and just become familiar with that (and maybe the % allocation formulas that are typically used for the standard recommendations) so that you can at least double-check an adviser's stuff.