Full Moon Today

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  2. go long????? :D
  3. at 1017.50 at the time.

  4. why does a full moon make any difference ? is not the moon always "full" and is merely only lighted differently ??


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    yeah, it's a bunch of crap!
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    LOL! I never thought of that!!
  7. One man's crap, is another man's treasure.

    Not saying this is so for me ... but making cash over a long period of time (trader career) is MOST all about the person NOT the method.

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    Along those lines, did you know that between the time astrological charts were first drawn up (in ancient Sumuria?? Mesopotamia?? ) that the zodiac alignments have shifted over about one full "house", so that when someone is getting their horoscope as a Leo, for example, they're in reality getting a chart from the next sign in the sequence, whatever that may be.

    Additionally, way back then, they didn't know that all those stars in the heavens were in varying distances away from the earth in ranges unimaginable, they thought that they were all equidistant from the earth and so all exerted an equal amount of influence on any individual. That's why when people are told that this planet is influencing them or that one is, the concept of percentage of its influence really doesn't come up. Then they'd have to answer why it is one planet a zillion miles away exerts the same influence as another planet that's 100,000 zillion miles away, or how could something that isn't there anymore or hasn't even existed for a trillion million centuries have any influence at all.

    Yet, some people swear by it and even trade by it. And somehow, I manage to get by without it.
  9. That's because you've got a cool, elaborate, IRS sanctioned trust thing going.
  10. It makes a difference in the tides and waves; and there have been numerous studies that correlate human behavior changes with the phases of the moon.
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