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Is Dalio a CCP sycophant or an investor

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  1. Sycophant

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  2. Investor

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  2. MrKJoe


    Dalio is a prophet.
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  3. Patrick Bet David should shut up more, but at the same time, I think Dalio enjoyed his pushing.
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  4. Nobert


    I just try to stay, rational/logical as possible, with everything down below.

    Sycophant ?


    It also doesn't make any rationale , why Dalio should support CCP for his own interest, because multiple times, he stated, that hes at the 3'rd stage of his life (1-you depend on others, 2-you go for success, 3- you teach others and share success, concept, from J.Campbell ,,The Hero with a Thousand Faces'').

    Given the fact that he had cancer, how believable it sounds - that at this point in life, by supporting CCP, he is saying one thing , while he truly thinks the opposite - to make few extra bills (?)

    Woah, that would be something...

    Hmnn, last time when i saw him, happy & proud (fulfilled by the fact ?), is when he spoke about his video -

    How The Economic Machine Works ''
    and that it had 5 mil views.

    Iv seen like, 100 - 150 hours of video footage with Patric & learned, few very valuable skills ;
    actually it was he, who planted the seed in my mind, when it comes to finances, with video ,, 20 Rules of Money'' :

    ,, How can i double it... ? How can i double it ? That's all there is, between people who have it and those who don't, they either know the rules of the game or they don't''

    Also the art of listening, with 80% / 20% rule, when 80% of the time you listen to another person & 20% you give great questions.

    Applied that in sales job - 100% increase in profits.

    And not just sales, family, friends etc.


    ,,You find the devil in the details''
    - Jordan Peterson

    Look at that touch with hand :



    This one :

    (there's more examples in other videos)

    He does that, with financially higher figures. It looks manipulative, when it's done right after the joke. Increase in the sound of laugh. Like the same formula. Cuban distance himself slightly and looks away. Kinda disliked (?)

    So the problem with such, little trick (he uses more of them), that figures of that status, can cut through tricks like that in nano seconds , due the decades and decades of experience and communication skills, with all kinds of folks.

    This lack of authenticity, afterwards, hurts trust in relationships, instead of benefiting.
    (if someone would pull out , one of those on me, i would definitely give a thought about it latter, to consider all of the options)

    Yes, to go back to what you said, he should listen more & try to keep his opinion more to himself.

    Like, a really great reporter/interviewer, should be like a tool, a prism/microscope, to help for us, - the listeners, to get the better understanding of the guest, to expand the perspective of the guest, then to come back, after some time, for a second episode, with bunch of questions,
    instead of interrupting and stating his own beliefs, which causes & in this case it did so , some emotional involvement & few tiny moments of disrespect.

    Unless, he seeks,to impress Dalio, with his insights.
    (i know that in the past Patric, dealt with penny stocks/dot.com bubble & maxed out his 401k, but, man... :D)

    In the end it's his show. He runs it - his way.
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  5. I liked reading your post.
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