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    If anyone here at ET that reads this and that works for a Full Clearing FCM at the CBOT, I would love for you to please contact me offline (PM me or leave me contact information on this thread) to potentially become a customer.

    Also, anyone on ET that trades directly thru a Full Clearing FCM at the CBOT, I would love to ask you a couple of questions on how to get started (requirements, etc) on opening an account directly with a Full Clearing FCM.

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    Hi Nitro,

    We might be able to assist you. I'm an IB clearing Advantage LLC, GHco, Refco, and RCG. I'm in Chicago. Feel free to PM me or drop an e-mail. jbarry@infinityfutures.com if you have any questions.
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    Thanks for the reply.

    Am I right in that an Introducing Broker is not a full clearing FCM? There are lots of Introducing Brokers on ET, e.g., Velocity, FFastTrade, etc.

    I believe what I would like is someone from this list to contact me:


    Notice that InteractiveBrokers is a Full Clearing FCM, but I already have their information.

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    No Prob.

  5. JayS


    PM me here during the weekend or at jstripling@alaron.com during the week. Alaron is a full clearing firm of both the CBOT & CME.

    p.s. I sent you a pm first but it said your box was full.

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    Thanks for the reply. Will do.

    BTW, I cleared up my Inbox if you have a phone #.

  7. KeyWest

    KeyWest Velocity Futures

    One thing to clear up below Velocity Futures is not an IB they are an FCM
  8. KeyWest

    KeyWest Velocity Futures

  9. nitro


    I don't understand:

    From the FFastTrade (an Introducing Broker) Website:

    RemotePro Trading Platform for the MiniDow:

    Broker Fee = .50
    Exchange Fee = .80
    NFA Fee = .02
    Per Side/RT = $1.32/2.64

    From the Velocity Futures (an FCM) website for the MiniDow:

    Contracts per Month = 0-4999
    Per Side(USD) = $1.400
    Per RT(USD) = $2.80

    You are .08 cents per side more expensive per side or .16 per RT. The rest of the website shows similar differences for other products:


    I would have expected the the exact opposite, that is, I would expect an FCM to be .08 per side _less_ than an IntroducingBroker?

    FWIW, I also really like the way that FFast breaks down the fee so that if I lease or own a seat, I can now do the math myself for the reduced clearing and NFA fees. The one thing that I do like about your website is that you also show breakdowns by volume.

    nitro :confused:
  10. KeyWest

    KeyWest Velocity Futures

    We have a good breakdown for CME seat leasing, we just don't have one for cBot... our sliding scale as you have seen is below...

    Contracts per Month Per Round Trip(USD) Per Side(USD)
    0-4999 $2.15
    5000-9999 $2.00
    10,000-14,999 $1.80
    15,000-19,999 $1.60
    20,000-50,000 $1.45
    50,000+ $1.30 *

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