Fukushima - still going!

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    Tepco Drills Hole in Fukushima Reactor – Finds Nuclear Fuel Has Gone Missing

    Cold Shutdown … or Escape of Hot Fuel?

    Washington’s Blog
    January 20, 2012

    I noted last month in connection with Tepco’s announcement of “cold shutdown” of the Fukushima reactors:

    If the reactors are “cold”, it may be because most of the hot radioactive fuel has leaked out.

    The New York Times pointed out last month:

    A former nuclear engineer with three decades of experience at a major engineering firm … who has worked at all three nuclear power complexes operated by Tokyo Electric [said] “If the fuel is still inside the reactor core, that’s one thing” …. But if the fuel has been dispersed more widely, then we are far from any stable shutdown.”

    Indeed, if the center of the reactors are in fact relatively “cold”, it may be because most of the hot radioactive fuel has leaked out of the containment vessels and escaped into areas where it can do damage to the environment.

    After drilling a hole in the containment vessel of Fukushima reactor 2, Tepco cannot find the fuel. As AP notes:

    The steam-blurred photos taken by remote control Thursday found none of the reactor’s melted fuel ….

    The photos also showed inner wall of the container heavily deteriorated after 10 months of exposure to high temperature and humidity, Matsumoto said.

    TEPCO workers inserted the endoscope — an industrial version of the kind of endoscope doctors use — through a hole in the beaker-shaped container at the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant’s No. 2 reactor ….

    The probe failed to find the water surface, which indicate the water sits at lower-than-expected levels inside the primary containment vessel and questions the accuracy of the current water monitors, Matsumoto said.

    And while cold shutdown means that the water inside the reactors is below the boiling point, CNN reports:

    Massive steam and water drops made it difficult to get a clear vision….

    Given that steam forms when water boils, this is an indication that the reactor is not in cold shutdown.

    Mainchi points out that reactors 1 and 3 are probably in no better shape:

    The fuel inside the Nos. 1 to 3 reactors is believed to have melted through the pressure vessels and been accumulating in the outer primary containers after the Fukushima plant lost its key functions to cool the reactors in the wake of the earthquake and tsunami on March 11 last year.

    more - http://www.infowars.com/tepco-drills-hole-in-fukushima-reactor-finds-nuclear-fuel-has-gone-missing/
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    did fox, msnbc, or cnn cover this???
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    "After drilling a hole in the containment vessel of Fukushima reactor 2, Tepco cannot find the fuel"

    I remember watching a movie about Chernobyl. They tunneled under the reactors as a precaution. To avert an absolute disaster of this junk getting into the water table. It had crystallized, so it did not melt through. Anyway, Nice job Japan. Lying from the start anyway, and everyone knew it. The reactors were blown in half and smoking and they said it was contained. People on this site actually believed them.... It was soooo contained... all the fuel is gone. Puzzling. Morons.
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    The powers that be have a long history of refusing to panic the sheeple - with the truth.
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    Here is how a normal news outlet reported the event.

    Radiation-blurred images taken inside one of Japan's tsunami-hit nuclear reactors show steam, unidentified parts and rusty metal surfaces scarred by 10 months of exposure to heat and humidity.

    The photos - the first inside-look since the disaster - showed none of the reactor's melted fuel or its cooling water but confirmed stable temperatures and showed no major ruptures caused by the earthquake last March, said Junichi Matsumoto, spokesman for plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Company.

    Pipes and grates in the reactor's containment vessel were seen in some images. Other photos were dark and blurry.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/world/first-glimpse-inside-fukushima-reactor-20120120-1qaap.html#ixzz1k35pTy1k
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    The fuel is burning down through the silica layer and will end up in the water table.

    Reactors were built in coastal areas for the access to cooling water (via heat exchangers, not direct contact with radioactive material). That has turned out to be a terrible engineering decision.
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    Right - news media that does not tell you shit over all these months what has been playing out week to week like Infowars!

    No thanks - you can have your corporate media "controlled realities" garbage.
  8. Did you listen to Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell, or were you too young?

    I gotta give it to you, you are a true believer.:)
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    No. Networks that tell you what the story is, not some embellished made up piece of shit reporting like infowars.com does with every one of their stories.

    If you are going to keep posting stories from infowars.com you might as well start posting stories from the Onion. They do a better job of making their stuff interesting.
  10. But, wait......

    Don't the liberals control the MSM?

    Who are you gonna believe? pspr?
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