Fukushima plant employment methods

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  1. According to ARD correspondent Robert Hetkämpfer the operating company of Fukushima has been sending in homeless and minors sends as "throwaway workers " in the nuclear power plant

    ARD correspondent Robert Hetkämper brought up serious allegations against the operating company of the damaged nuclear power plant in Fukushima in Japan: Allegedly Tepco has been sending homeless people and migrant workers in the nuclear power plant in Fukushima for years.

    "They are often homeless. There are many foreign workers, there are even minors there, to be there for years and then fired again if they have worked for a while and they have been exposed to a fair amount of radiation. Disposable workers they have been called here in Japan. "said Hetkämper.

  2. this is total bollocks without the slightest base nor support. The article does not quote nor refer to any sources WHATSOEVER, nor has ANY other source been found on the net to support such outrageous claims. Unbelievable journalism. And this comes after a) Germany plays a pussy role in Afghanistan, b) has voted a no-commitment in Libya and c) has been very slow to send search and rescue to Japan compared to many other countries, and has very soon pulled out again because the mission was "too dangerous". An absolute shame and embarrassment for this nation and I think I can say such thing as German citizen. I am happy I have left this country many years ago. I am embarrassed to still hold a passport and what makes it even more sad is not just that politicians have clearly decided against democracy and support when other nations need help the most urgent BUT that German citizens in majority have not protested and spoken up to such outrageous actions and decisions over the past couple weeks/ months.

    And now a ridiculous article is making up lies and pulls outrageous claims out of its ass without the slightest base or support. Shameful action to say the least!!!

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  5. not surprising, non-japs are considered Untermenschen to the japs
  6. This article is so absurd! It's almost comical...